I will change soon

My name is Zeno Driesen, a 22-year-old student, and currently in his last year of Graphic and Digital Media (specialization in Crossmedia Design) at Artesis University College Turnhout. I have a passion for creating modern, creative, functional and user-friendly design. I'm incessantly searching for new ways to improve and further develop my skills and abilities. One of the methods I use in order to achieve my goal of creating my signature design style is that I am constantly self-educating myself with the help of my friend the Internet.





I like

When I'm not busy finishing school assignments or having fun with web design, graphic design, typography, etc, I'll probably be out having fun, watching movies or listening to music and going to shows. These small but important pleasures keep me relaxed and focused, in short, I'm enjoying life, and thinking about the things I'm going to do and hope to achieve. I'm a dreamer and always try to maintain a positive attitude.